Paulette Mag // Janvier 2014



paulette_doux_3 paulette_doux_4 paulette_doux_5 paulette_doux_6

Client : Paulette Mag

Models :
Jade Lavareille
Gabriel Perez

Music : Black Atlass – Castles

Shooting report


Paulette Mag // Septembre 2013

Client : Paulette Mag
Production : Shark On The Moon

Models :
Élisa Baudouin
Marianne Le Gagneur
Thibault Léveque

Music : Albert Fallen

Shooting report


Vintage Road – DolB feat Kitty

Client: Dol B
Production: Shark On The Moon
Actors : Lola Viande / Charlie De Lavau

The story of a man looking for love in a world created by himself.


Elsa Rande

Client: Elsa Rande
Production: Shark On The Moon
Music : Maoupa Mazzocchetti
Artisan : Jacques Obadia – ODD Factory

Advertisement for Elsa Rande Design.



Client: N-Gage
Production: Shark On The Moon
Actor : Wesley Fofana

Created for the new collection of N-Gage starring Wesley Fofana.